Comfortisse Bra

Comfort, Convenience and Class: That’s the Comfortisse Bra

Comfortisse BraBras were developed for two purposes, namely, to provide adequate support for breasts and to enhance the woman’s cleavage for obvious reasons. However, bras can be so uncomfortable mostly because of the thin shoulder straps, the sharp underwires and the awkward hook-and-eye closures, not to mention that these pieces of underwear make rolls of bunched-up skin show up on shirts and blouses. And then comes along the Comfortisse bra.

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On the surface, it looks and feels like any bra you can purchase off-the-rack with perhaps the feel of the so-called training bra. It is also worn in the same manner as any bra – cups over the breasts and straps over the shoulders. Its main purpose is to also provide for adequate support to the breasts.

The similarities between this as seen on TV bra and off-the-rack bras end at this point. Read on and find out why.

Maximum Comfort Guaranteed

Unlike other types of bras, the Comfortisse bra is designed to provide for maximum comfort to the wearer. This is made possible through the following design aspects:

  • Material – The high-quality material used allows for optimum elasticity such that it can stretch over any body type. This ensures smooth lines even under the tightest shirts and blouses – no uncomfortable pinching on skin and ugly no rolling up of skin either.
  • Sewing Style – The bra is sewn using seamless Italian loom technology. This makes the bra feel durable and strong even when the wearer has big breasts, not to mention that it also contributes to smooth lines when the bra is worn.
  • Straps and Wires – No, the Comfortisse bra neither has any thin straps that dig into the shoulder nor underwires that poke the ribs and breasts. Instead, its straps sit comfortably on the shoulders while the cup’s design provides for cleavage support.

In short, you will feel so comfortable wearing the Comfortisse brassiere you can wear it to bed! You will also love how it lifts up your breasts and, thus, enhances your cleavage without painful wires poking through your skin. Your arm and back fat bulge will also be gone like magic while wearing the Comfortisse underwear.

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Classy, Not Crass

If you look closely at other bra styles, your first thought is that these are too sexy to the point of being crass. Not so the Comfortisse bra, the best as seen on TV bra we have seen so far.

The bra’s simple design makes for one that can easily be suited to any type of outerwear and yet still make you feel sexy on the inside. Wear the bra underneath your business suit and be assured that no wardrobe malfunctions will happen while you are in the middle of a conference call. Wear the bra underneath your little black dress and keep your modesty even when you pick up your purse off the floor.

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Comfortisse Bra

Indeed, why be crass with your own body when you can be classy with it? You need not worry about colors either because the Comfortisse bra comes in basic colors of black, white and nude as well as in the fashionable colors of lilac and deep pink.

Convenience at Its Best

Last but not least, the Comfortisse brassiere is so easy to use. Just place it over your head and over your breasts and voila – a cleavage-enhancing and yet comfortable underwear! No clumsy hook-and-eye closures and it is also machine-washable.

If you are looking for great value in your underwear, the Comfortisse bra should be on top of your list.

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As Seen On TV Bra

Is the ‘As Seen on TV Bra’ All That Its Manufacturers Claim It To Be?

Comfortisse Bra

In an age when communication technology is at its most advanced, every Tom, Dick and Harry can manufacture new products, promote them online and on infomercials, and then earn wads of money. The hype surrounding these products obviously builds on their merits while overlooking their demerits, a common occurrence that the manufacturers of this As Seen on TV bra also use in their promotions.

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The question then is: Does the Comfortisse live up to its hype? Let’s keep in mind that this is just one of many “as seen on TV bra” products on the market, all of which promise comfort, convenience and versatility in use, among other benefits. Let’s take a closer look at a few of its manufacturing aspects.

Materials Used

The materials used on the Comfortisse are supposedly elastic, breathable and supportive. We can surmise that the materials are a blend of natural fabrics like cotton and synthetic fabrics like rayon and spandex. Cotton is a breathable material while spandex provides for sufficient support and adjusts to the wearer’s body shape. Together, these materials make the Comfortisse bra one of the most comfortable underwear of its kind. The skin on your breasts can breathe, so to speak, which is not often the case with conventional bras with thick synthetic fabrics. Of course, your breasts enjoy sufficient support even when you are engaged in vigorous exercise.

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General Design

The Comfortisse brassiere looks like the so-called training bras for pre-pubescent girls in many aspects. There are no thin straps, no small buckles and no adjustable fasteners either in the front or back for this “as seen on TV bra”. Instead, it has the following features that make the Comfortisse bra live up to its hype of comfort and convenience in terms of design:

  • The wide shoulder straps ensure that the skin on your shoulder is spared the redness, soreness and even pain of thin straps. You also need not worry about the straps snapping during inappropriate times, a situation that has happened at least once to every girl we know.
  • The cups are designed to provide adequate support for the breasts even for women with extra-large cup sizes. Instead of just a small portion of the breasts supported, as is the case with conventional bras, the Comfortisse supports every inch from the sides to the front. An added benefit to it is that there are no lumps and bumps showing once the Comfortisse bra is worn under shirts and blouses.
  • The ribbed area below the cups ensures that the bra stays in place instead of riding up to the nipples. Thankfully, this bra has no underwires that dig into the skin and poke into the ribs; underwires are supposed to provide support for the breasts and push said feminine body parts upwards to enhance the cleavage but, instead, are a pain in the chest, literally.

So, does the As Seen on TV bra live up to its hype? Yes, I do believe that it does but you really must wear it to believe it, too.

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Comfortisse Bra

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Buy Comfortisse Bra

Buy Comfortisse Bra and See the Difference

Comfortisse Bra

I wholeheartedly feel that underwear is as important as outerwear. Think of this scenario: You are dressed to the nines with designer clothes but your underwear does not offer sufficient support to your bosom, comfort for your chest, and smooth lines to your overall look.

That will do no justice to your designer clothes, so it is important to buy Comfortisse bra before buying the former.

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Where to Buy

Since availability is an important part of a consumer’s purchase decision, let’s first discuss where to buy the Comfortisse brassiere. At present, it can only be bought online through its official website. This limits options for purchasing the underwear since you have to hop onto your personal computer, go to the site and purchase it. It may seem more convenient if we could buy Comfortisse bra from stores but this is but a minor inconvenience in the scheme of things. After all, satisfied clients can always buy in sets.

Why Buy

The next question is why purchase the Comfortisse bra when there is a similar product, say, the Genie bra? Since we are making comparisons here, the Genie bra has lesser choices in terms of colors, lesser cup sizes and higher price per set than the Comfortisse bra. In other factors particularly comfort, convenience and smooth lines when worn underneath outer clothes, these two brassieres are neck to neck, so to speak.

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Still, when you buy a Comfortisse bra and put it on for the first time, you will notice certain advantages to it that other similar products do not offer. Let’s take a look.

  • The built-in cup with padding of the Comfortisse bra ensures that your breasts are provided with sufficient support while also enhancing your cleavage. Of course, the padding enhances apparent breast size while the options in bra size guarantees that almost every woman will have a size just perfect for her physique.
  • The ribbed underside of the Comfortisse bra ensures that it stays in place regardless of physical activities engaged in by the wearer. With conventional bras, the underwires not only poke the skin but provide for little support to keep the underwear from riding up on the breasts. Many women, in fact, buy Comfortisse bra for their sports activities although these bras can also be used under shirts, blouses, dresses and suits.
  • The material is made from cotton, which is an organic, breathable and washable fabric. No matter how thick your outerwear may be, you will still feel comfortable wearing the Comfortisse bra because moisture is wicked away from the skin.

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Comfortisse Bra

When you buy Comfortisse bra, you are making a good investment toward maintaining your health. You can breathe easier, both in mind and body, with a comfortable and yet supportive bra such as Comfortisse. You will not only see but feel the difference when you wear it.

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Comfortisse Bra vs. Genie Bra

Comparing the Comfortisse Bra vs Genie Bra on Five Points

Comfortisse BraThere are many bras in the market that claim to be the best in terms of beauty, functionality and comfort. Perhaps no other competing bras are as neck-and-neck as the Comfortisse bra vs. Genie bra with the Ahh bra giving both brands healthy competition. The question then is: Which of these 2 main bras is the best when it comes to providing the best in comfort, convenience, colors, price and style?

Let’s take a look and compare these 2 bras. This early, nonetheless, we have to say that both are great purchases for women who want the comfort of non-padded bras with the bosom-enhancing properties of underwire bras. It’s the best of both worlds for your beautiful breasts, so to speak.

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#1 Comfort

In the Comfortisse bra vs Genie bra competition, both are winners. The Comfortisse and Genie bras are made from high-quality, elastic and comfortable materials that fit any body type and bosom size. Think of breathable materials of nylon and spandex that lets air in and moisture out while also providing for adequate support to the breasts. Bust size and cleavage appearance are also enhanced, thanks to the padding inside the bras. Said pads can be removed when the wearer desires.

When the wearer tries any of these bras on, the experience is one of maximum comfort. How? There are no sharp underwires that poke the ribs and breasts while the wide shoulder straps do not dig into the skin. Indeed, comparisons of Comfortisse bra vs. Genie bra in terms of comfort, both are great buys. This can also be said for the Ahh bra.

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#2 Convenience

As for convenience, all three of the abovementioned bras are convenient to wear. Women do not have to deal with clumsy hook-and-eye closures and adjustable shoulder straps in order to wear the Comfortisse, Genie and Ahh bra. It only takes one fluid motion to wear these bras instead of the multi-step process of conventional brassieres. All three bras are also easy to maintain. Just remove the padding, where applicable, and then wash together with other clothes in the washer and dryer.

#3 Colors

Here is where the Comfortisse bra vs Genie bra competition begins to heat up, so to speak. While the Genie bra and the Ahh bra only comes in 3 basic colors, namely, black, white and nude, the Comfortisse bra comes in fashion colors as well. You can choose from lilac, dark pink and blue for the Comfortisse bra, which definitely makes for a bra that you can use with fashionable clothes.

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#4 Price

Yet another point where the Comfortisse bra wins is the price.

  • Comfortisse bra set consisting of 9 bras is sold for 2 easy payments of $29.95 (exclusive of the $9.95 shipping fee for each set of 3). You will then be spending $89.75 in total, which translates to $9.97 per bra.
  • Genie bras are sold for $59.99 for a set of 6 bras. This translates to $9.99 per bra.
  • Ahh bras retail for $59.99 (exclusive of the shipping fee, which is undisclosed on the site) for a set of 3 bras. The retail price is then $19.99 for each bra.

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Comfortisse Bra

#5 Style

Admittedly, all three bras come in just one style unlike conventional bras. Still, the Comfortisse bra wins because it provides for sizes ranging from XS to 3X as well as large cup bras.

So, which one wins in the Comfortisse bra vs Genie bra competition? We have to say the Comfortisse.

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Comfortisse Bra Review

The Comfortisse Bra: Points to Consider

Look through any Comfortisse bra review and you will immediately observe that the pros raised outnumber the cons stated. This does not come as a surprise to actual users of the Comfortisse bra since it is, indeed, one of the most comfortable bras in the market today. Let’s take a closer look.

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Comfort Is a Guarantee

Most, if not all, women will attest to the fact that conventional bras and brassieres are uncomfortable when worn, to say the least. Yes, these off-the-rack pieces of underwear are pretty to look at, thanks to their lace, ribbons and bows, but the toll in terms of comfort cannot make up for such prettiness. Again, a quick scan of any Comfortisse bra review reveals the answer.

Comfortisse BraThe Comfortisse bra does not have three of the design aspects of conventional bras that contribute to their uncomfortable use. First, there are no underwires that dig into the ribcage and the tender underside of the breasts. You can then breathe easier since there are no restricting wires around your chest.

Second, the thin bra straps of conventional bras are replaced in favor of wide shoulder straps. The straps on the Comfortisse brassiere do not dig into the shoulders, thus, leaving reddish, sore and painful marks. These wider straps also stay in place the entire day, which means that you are free from underwear wardrobe malfunctions.

Third, the Comfortisse bra has no hook-and-eye closure. Instead, a wide band running keeps the bra in place while also ensuring maximum comfort around the chest area. Indeed, any favorable Comfortisse bra review will attest to the fact that maximum comfort is the number one reason for the underwear’s rising popularity among women.

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Smooth Body Lines

Even with the right size for your conventional bra, you will observe that rolls of skin from the underarm, side and back still show up even under a thick blouse and shirt. Think of wearing your white shirt and your body line shows unsightly bulges on your side, front and back where the bra cuts into the skin, in a manner of speaking. With a Comfortisse brassiere, you can skip on these ugly bulges. You will love the smooth lines from your shoulders down to your ribcage so much so that your feminine curves are emphasized, not your excess fat. This is especially important when you are wearing bandage dresses, tight shirts and blouses, and little black dresses.

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Comfortisse Bra

Versatile Use

Yet another important point raised in any Comfortisse bra review is its versatility of use. You can use the bra underneath your casual shirts, dressy blouses and business suits. Since there are no fancy trimmings on the Comfortisse bra, you need not worry about it taking away the beauty of your outerwear. In short, it will complement your outfit, not distract from it. Comfortisse brassiere may show on shirts and dresses with plunging necklines. No worries on this point because it can double as a camisole without the bulky layers. With colors like black, white and nude as well as lilac, blue and pink, you can mix and match your outwear with your inner wear!

Yes, we have to admit that this Comfortisse bra review is favorable but we think that the product deserves the accolades heaped on it. Try the bra yourself and see why.

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