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Hello, I’m Kristy, welcome to my site!

I’m a mother of four kids; two of which are still babies, one toddler and my first is now in pre-school. My family and sports keep me busy from doing much else, but I do like to write online reviews for various products in my spare time. Like many other women, I never miss an opportunity to go shopping, but since my kids keep me busy most of the time I often prefer to shop from the couch watching the shopping channels, and more recently on the Internet too.

My husband thinks I might have a problem with all my “retail therapy”, but there’s no need to feel bad for him, I’m very wise with what I purchase and even he admits I’ve saved us a lot of money. Recently I’ve turned this passion of mine into a small hobby business, and this has won my partner’s approval as he likes the idea of me being able to supplement our family income. Well, at least to supplement some of my online spending. So, surprise, surprise — I sometimes recommend and link to products that I can make a commission on. I know, who would have thought huh? I also really enjoy studying products to review, so none of this really feels like work to me.

As bras tend to be one of the biggest headaches of all women’s lingerie, after I discovered the Comfortisse bra and realized just how comfortable it is, I just had to build this site and tell people about it. Bras are just one of those essential things that a woman cannot do without, but while we love them supporting our breasts, we all know the pain and discomfort they can cause too. And as there are so many different styles and types of bra, that all perform different functions, it can be a very confusing topic when it comes to selecting a new one. It’s not simply a matter of choosing the correct size and then you’re done. And I’m the first to admit that this Comfortisse bra is really not a fashion bra and you just can’t wear it with a lot of fancy clothing, but of course that is not its purpose. Its purpose is comfort, and at that it is by far the best I have tried, even when comparing it to the other known “as seen on TV bras”. A couple came close in function and comfort; however they were all more expensive.

For me it was an endless search to find a bra that didn’t stick into me or cause me other discomforts, so when I found the one I just wouldn’t have felt right keeping my mouth shut about it. For me I mostly just wanted a bra that gave me sufficient support, which I could wear around the home while caring for my kids. But what I ended up with is a bra that – except for those very special occasions where I get really dressed up to the nines – I wear all the time! And thanks to the Internet and my lovely sisters joining me for a kind of “groupon” project, I ended up with three of these amazing brassieres almost for free. Needless to say I bought myself a full set shortly afterwards, because there’s an offer where Comfortisse are giving away 8 bras completely free when you purchase just one of them! It was a bit hard for me to resist.

My sisters and I are the same shirt size, which is all you need to size this bra, so being unsure if they would actually even fit us we decided to split our first order. Even though they’re the lowest cost as seen on TV bra in the market, none of us like throwing money away, especially for products we see sold on late night television.

But much to all of our surprise, we each wound up ordering our own individual shipments the same day we tried them on. They’re just so undeniably comfortable. It’s amazing! Any woman who’s sick-to-death of feeling uncomfortable wearing her bra, really need look no further than the Comfortisse bra, or even the other as seen on TV bras were pretty good too, just that they’re quite a lot more expensive, and frankly they’re not quite as well-made.

Anyway I just had to share my story, and if you’ve read all the way to here, thanks for listening! Whatever the reason is for you to stop by here, I hope the information on my site is helpful to you and if you have information to share with me, or any questions to ask, you can catch me on my contact page.


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