Comfortisse Bra vs. Genie Bra

Comparing the Comfortisse Bra vs Genie Bra on Five Points

Comfortisse BraThere are many bras in the market that claim to be the best in terms of beauty, functionality and comfort. Perhaps no other competing bras are as neck-and-neck as the Comfortisse bra vs. Genie bra with the Ahh bra giving both brands healthy competition. The question then is: Which of these 2 main bras is the best when it comes to providing the best in comfort, convenience, colors, price and style?

Let’s take a look and compare these 2 bras. This early, nonetheless, we have to say that both are great purchases for women who want the comfort of non-padded bras with the bosom-enhancing properties of underwire bras. It’s the best of both worlds for your beautiful breasts, so to speak.

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#1 Comfort

In the Comfortisse bra vs Genie bra competition, both are winners. The Comfortisse and Genie bras are made from high-quality, elastic and comfortable materials that fit any body type and bosom size. Think of breathable materials of nylon and spandex that lets air in and moisture out while also providing for adequate support to the breasts. Bust size and cleavage appearance are also enhanced, thanks to the padding inside the bras. Said pads can be removed when the wearer desires.

When the wearer tries any of these bras on, the experience is one of maximum comfort. How? There are no sharp underwires that poke the ribs and breasts while the wide shoulder straps do not dig into the skin. Indeed, comparisons of Comfortisse bra vs. Genie bra in terms of comfort, both are great buys. This can also be said for the Ahh bra.

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#2 Convenience

As for convenience, all three of the abovementioned bras are convenient to wear. Women do not have to deal with clumsy hook-and-eye closures and adjustable shoulder straps in order to wear the Comfortisse, Genie and Ahh bra. It only takes one fluid motion to wear these bras instead of the multi-step process of conventional brassieres. All three bras are also easy to maintain. Just remove the padding, where applicable, and then wash together with other clothes in the washer and dryer.

#3 Colors

Here is where the Comfortisse bra vs Genie bra competition begins to heat up, so to speak. While the Genie bra and the Ahh bra only comes in 3 basic colors, namely, black, white and nude, the Comfortisse bra comes in fashion colors as well. You can choose from lilac, dark pink and blue for the Comfortisse bra, which definitely makes for a bra that you can use with fashionable clothes.

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#4 Price

Yet another point where the Comfortisse bra wins is the price.

  • Comfortisse bra set consisting of 9 bras is sold for 2 easy payments of $29.95 (exclusive of the $9.95 shipping fee for each set of 3). You will then be spending $89.75 in total, which translates to $9.97 per bra.
  • Genie bras are sold for $59.99 for a set of 6 bras. This translates to $9.99 per bra.
  • Ahh bras retail for $59.99 (exclusive of the shipping fee, which is undisclosed on the site) for a set of 3 bras. The retail price is then $19.99 for each bra.

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Comfortisse Bra

#5 Style

Admittedly, all three bras come in just one style unlike conventional bras. Still, the Comfortisse bra wins because it provides for sizes ranging from XS to 3X as well as large cup bras.

So, which one wins in the Comfortisse bra vs Genie bra competition? We have to say the Comfortisse.

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