Comfortisse Bra

Comfort, Convenience and Class: That’s the Comfortisse Bra

Comfortisse BraBras were developed for two purposes, namely, to provide adequate support for breasts and to enhance the woman’s cleavage for obvious reasons. However, bras can be so uncomfortable mostly because of the thin shoulder straps, the sharp underwires and the awkward hook-and-eye closures, not to mention that these pieces of underwear make rolls of bunched-up skin show up on shirts and blouses. And then comes along the Comfortisse bra.

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On the surface, it looks and feels like any bra you can purchase off-the-rack with perhaps the feel of the so-called training bra. It is also worn in the same manner as any bra – cups over the breasts and straps over the shoulders. Its main purpose is to also provide for adequate support to the breasts.

The similarities between this as seen on TV bra and off-the-rack bras end at this point. Read on and find out why.

Maximum Comfort Guaranteed

Unlike other types of bras, the Comfortisse bra is designed to provide for maximum comfort to the wearer. This is made possible through the following design aspects:

  • Material – The high-quality material used allows for optimum elasticity such that it can stretch over any body type. This ensures smooth lines even under the tightest shirts and blouses – no uncomfortable pinching on skin and ugly no rolling up of skin either.
  • Sewing Style – The bra is sewn using seamless Italian loom technology. This makes the bra feel durable and strong even when the wearer has big breasts, not to mention that it also contributes to smooth lines when the bra is worn.
  • Straps and Wires – No, the Comfortisse bra neither has any thin straps that dig into the shoulder nor underwires that poke the ribs and breasts. Instead, its straps sit comfortably on the shoulders while the cup’s design provides for cleavage support.

In short, you will feel so comfortable wearing the Comfortisse brassiere you can wear it to bed! You will also love how it lifts up your breasts and, thus, enhances your cleavage without painful wires poking through your skin. Your arm and back fat bulge will also be gone like magic while wearing the Comfortisse underwear.

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Classy, Not Crass

If you look closely at other bra styles, your first thought is that these are too sexy to the point of being crass. Not so the Comfortisse bra, the best as seen on TV bra we have seen so far.

The bra’s simple design makes for one that can easily be suited to any type of outerwear and yet still make you feel sexy on the inside. Wear the bra underneath your business suit and be assured that no wardrobe malfunctions will happen while you are in the middle of a conference call. Wear the bra underneath your little black dress and keep your modesty even when you pick up your purse off the floor.

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Comfortisse Bra

Indeed, why be crass with your own body when you can be classy with it? You need not worry about colors either because the Comfortisse bra comes in basic colors of black, white and nude as well as in the fashionable colors of lilac and deep pink.

Convenience at Its Best

Last but not least, the Comfortisse brassiere is so easy to use. Just place it over your head and over your breasts and voila – a cleavage-enhancing and yet comfortable underwear! No clumsy hook-and-eye closures and it is also machine-washable.

If you are looking for great value in your underwear, the Comfortisse bra should be on top of your list.

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