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Is the ‘As Seen on TV Bra’ All That Its Manufacturers Claim It To Be?

Comfortisse Bra

In an age when communication technology is at its most advanced, every Tom, Dick and Harry can manufacture new products, promote them online and on infomercials, and then earn wads of money. The hype surrounding these products obviously builds on their merits while overlooking their demerits, a common occurrence that the manufacturers of this As Seen on TV bra also use in their promotions.

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The question then is: Does the Comfortisse live up to its hype? Let’s keep in mind that this is just one of many “as seen on TV bra” products on the market, all of which promise comfort, convenience and versatility in use, among other benefits. Let’s take a closer look at a few of its manufacturing aspects.

Materials Used

The materials used on the Comfortisse are supposedly elastic, breathable and supportive. We can surmise that the materials are a blend of natural fabrics like cotton and synthetic fabrics like rayon and spandex. Cotton is a breathable material while spandex provides for sufficient support and adjusts to the wearer’s body shape. Together, these materials make the Comfortisse bra one of the most comfortable underwear of its kind. The skin on your breasts can breathe, so to speak, which is not often the case with conventional bras with thick synthetic fabrics. Of course, your breasts enjoy sufficient support even when you are engaged in vigorous exercise.

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General Design

The Comfortisse brassiere looks like the so-called training bras for pre-pubescent girls in many aspects. There are no thin straps, no small buckles and no adjustable fasteners either in the front or back for this “as seen on TV bra”. Instead, it has the following features that make the Comfortisse bra live up to its hype of comfort and convenience in terms of design:

  • The wide shoulder straps ensure that the skin on your shoulder is spared the redness, soreness and even pain of thin straps. You also need not worry about the straps snapping during inappropriate times, a situation that has happened at least once to every girl we know.
  • The cups are designed to provide adequate support for the breasts even for women with extra-large cup sizes. Instead of just a small portion of the breasts supported, as is the case with conventional bras, the Comfortisse supports every inch from the sides to the front. An added benefit to it is that there are no lumps and bumps showing once the Comfortisse bra is worn under shirts and blouses.
  • The ribbed area below the cups ensures that the bra stays in place instead of riding up to the nipples. Thankfully, this bra has no underwires that dig into the skin and poke into the ribs; underwires are supposed to provide support for the breasts and push said feminine body parts upwards to enhance the cleavage but, instead, are a pain in the chest, literally.

So, does the As Seen on TV bra live up to its hype? Yes, I do believe that it does but you really must wear it to believe it, too.

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Comfortisse Bra

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